En mi cápsula del tiempo encontré, entre otras cosas, esta lista:

Right now people who an’t breath (read) are borning

Right now isn’t fault of the japanese

Right now No one is safe from loneliness

Right now science is building a better tomato

Right now your memory is getting longer while your life is getting shorter

Right now you could be outside

Right now Ed’s playing the piano

Right now Ed’s got his hand full

Right now It’s nicer in cabo

Right now Mike is thinking about a solo Project

Right now it’s just a space between ice ages

Right now pigs are becoming lunch

Right now it’s harder than it looks

Right now we should be paying more attention to the lyrics

Right now someone is walking on a nude beach for the first time

Right now your parents miss you

Right now a mad man is wandering the streets of the town you live in

Right now people are working to hard for the minimal wage

Right now people are having unprotected sex

Right now youth is king

Right now there is nothing more expensive than regret

Right now a bowl of soup would be nice

Right now an Halen is planning a world tour

Right now it’s cold where someone you love is

Right now someone has got the wrong idea

Right now the light from a star in M-5 is heading towards earth

Right now the light that left M-5 a thousand years ago is getting to your house

Right now someone is sitting on a porch in a rocking chair looking in a dictionary wondering how to say cat and dog in french just in case.

Right now the goverment is doing things that we think only other goverments do

Right now God is killing moms and dogs because he has to

Right now we should be going

Right now you aren’t doing what you most wish you were

Right now there’s a bomb factory hard at work

Right now opportunity is passing you by

Right now blacks and whites don’t eat together very often

Right now justice is being perverted in a court of law

Right now truth is being obscured

Right now guilt is turning someone inside out

Right now time is having its way with you

Right now you are siting too close

Right now you wish you had a larger TV